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Anri's Maternity Shoot | MakeUp | Pretoria

Anri and her husband has walked a long road with us and we are happy to say they are like part of the family. When Anri told us the good news that she is expecting not one but two little boys we where too excited for them, we just knew they would be awesome parents.

Unfortunately Anri had a difficult pregnancy as the two little boys just wanted to meet the world at a very young age and she was put on bed rest to keep them in. "Boys will be Boys" they say! She still did not let this stop her from capturing the moments and memories of her family, with a positive attitude she held her head high.

I did Anri's makeup for the shoot while she was in bed, yes while she was in bed, these are the moments that make them part of the family. We are so grateful to have been part of this journey and meet the little boys.

After the makeup, we did her shoot (RICH Photography) in their home and garden as Anri could only stand for a very short period at a time.

Here are some photos of the beautiful mommy and of course a sneak peek of the two adorable baby boys.

Maternity makeup

Makeup Artist Pretoria

Anri's Pregi Shoot

Makeup artist in Johannesburg

Pregnancy photos

Newborn photoshoot

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