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Elmone's Model Shoot | MakeUp

Elmone is an awesome young lady full of joy and happiness.

I really enjoyed working with her.

Her Make Up was done for a model shoot with RICH Photography.

I uesed silver and purple on her eyes to create a soft, yet vibrant smokey eye, this was done a little different than the normal smokey eye. On her lips we just used a soft natural colour. Elmone also has a fun side and we did something different with her as you will see on the photos below. (100's and 1000's on her lips).

Diffenrent is not always a bad thing ;)

Hope you enjoy her photos x.

Smokey eye make up
Before and After make up photo
Before and After make up photo

Model photo
Professional make up
Professional photo
Make up artist photos
Sexy model photo
Glamour photography

Smokey eye make up artist

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