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When I decided that professional make up would be my career one day, and its truly what I wanted to do...I found myself wondering should I study, go for a workshop, or what would be the best for me?


I ended up studying Professional Make Up at a well known and certified school in Port Elizabeth.

I felt it was the right thing to do...and so did my parents.

Then I made it into the big world, Johannesburg, I arrived with my diploma, chin high and ready to takcle every possible job out there.


A few years later...and still...not a single bride has even asked me if I studied make up as a profession.  It left me wondering if I made the right choice by studying, or if a few good workshops and practice could do the same.


When my website went live, I received countless emails and people starting coming to me for guidance and courses, whether or not they were using it for their own personal use, or to further their knowledge and use their make up skills in their profession. 

As most of us ladies know, we have been doing our make up since we were 16.  So a few workshops and you should be set to go! asked, here it is.


My Make Up WorkShops in Johannesburg will be held at my office in Rant en Dal, Krugersdorp.

Special rates are offered for group bookings however I do understand that some people truly prefer to have a one on one, if that is you, I am more than willing to accommodate you.


I am offering 3 workshops, a Basic Workshop, Advanced as well as a dedicated Bridal Workshop.


MakeUp Workshops in Krugersdorp
Bridal MakeUp workshops for makeup artists
Professional MakeUp workshops in Johannesburg
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